Selita Story

Blu Imperial Company established Ramazan Karroci and is registered with the decision of Tirana District Law Court No. 8757 date 08.02.1995. With the decision of Mr. Karoci, Mr. Vladimir Tako and Mr. Bujar Pajenga on date 18.09.2000 have been added as new partner of this company.

With the decision of assembly of the partners, date 03.02.2006, 76% of the "Blu-Imperial" company property has been sold to new partner Mr. Filip Ngjela. Each of the three partners own 8% of the company's property. The registration of the "BLU-IMPERIAL" Company at the NATIONAL REGISTRATION CENTER is made on 22.01.2008.


Mountain "Mali me Gropa" (Mountain with holes) is a part of the central mountainous region of Albania. The highest peak of it is 1821m above the sea level. The holes have a diameter as long as 20-50m and rarely up to 100m. Their depth goes 10-20m. The bottom precipitation is of of argil and humus. The mountain does not have rivers as the water drains through these charstic holes. The climate is Mediterranean continental. The rainfall starts in October and finish in April or May. The snowfalls go as thick as 2 meters


RINA is a young company with a long history - long, because in 2011 it celebrates its 150th anniversary, but young, because almost all its employees are under forty years of age. The group's aim in 2010 was to position RINA to harness the energy of this young and active workforce more effectively and to direct the company's activities to industrial sectors and geographical areas where RINA can grow.

Turnover growth continued in 2010 and margins were maintained. Human capital, the real resource of RINA, grew in terms of numbers to 1,438 staff. And it grew in international expertise, as those staff now represent forty-six different nationalities, and over 60 per cent are graduates. Those staff were close to their clients, in 120 offices in 42 countries, including several new countries during 2010.